Slang | A Sneaker Trading App

Get your first look at the  Slang sneaker trading app. This is a app that removes risk from trading sneakers over the 'net.

The process entails advertising a pair of unwanted sneakers on the app with photos and a description, and when a match is made between a pair of shoes you want and the shoes you are offering, both parties will send their pairs to a local middleman. Upon receiving, the middleman, who is approved by the Slang team, will examine the shoes to ensure their authenticity and then ship them out to their final destination. For this service, Slang hopes to charge $25 USD per transaction. For more information and to reserve your username upon launch, head over here.

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NBA: Lakers' Steve Nash Out For Season

Steve Nash hoped for one more chance to show off his playmaking skills after fighting injuries and time for two miserable years with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Instead, Nash couldn't even make it to opening night in the 19th season of his remarkable career.

Nash will miss the entire season because of a back injury, the Lakers announced Thursday, putting the two-time NBA MVP point guard's career in doubt.

He strained his back while carrying travel bags several days ago.

The Lakers and the 40-year-old Nash announced their joint decision less than a week before the start of the regular season. He played in only 15 games last season with nerve root irritation but hoped for a comeback season after several months of rehabilitation.

"Being on the court this season has been my top priority, and it is disappointing to not be able to do that right now," Nash said. "I work very hard to stay healthy, and unfortunately my recent setback makes performing at full capacity difficult. I will continue to support my team during this period of rest and will focus on my long-term health."

Nash will "focus on rest and rehabilitation," according to the team's news release. He is in the final season of his three-year contract with the Lakers, but the club's announcement made no mention of possible retirement.

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